My adventure with making began many years ago. I have always enjoyed experimenting with materials and seeing ideas developing into a reality. I would excitedly open a magazine called ‘bits n pieces’ that my great aunt would send to me. It was full of ideas of how to make things from the everyday items that lie around the home.


Wherever I went I would have a camera in hand to capture a glimpse of the beauty I saw around me.


A few year ago I decided to stretch my creative desires and specialise in ceramics. As I began to understand the intellectual process of making connections, I realised how wonderful it is to create something from the inspiration of the world around me, joining all my passions together. The more I explored the world around me, the greater my appreciation became for beauty in the little things, In textures, colours, Patterns and the way these things made me feel. I am particularly drawn to natural materials , Or objects that are weathered or worn. Its creates a sense of belonging and comfort, and sparks my curious interest in history as I wonder what has made it that way.


It is for this reason that I have decided to share my work with those around me, Hopefully to spark a sense of curiosity and wonder, to bring the warmth of nature, Power of creation and subtlety of detail.

I believe there will always be a use for ceramics, not just for function but for the need of mankind to have beauty and emotion represented in a way that is not just in the mind.


The desire to use all our senses, to touch, to see, to think and feel is enabled through the various forms of ceramics and something I want to continue.

With ceramics I am excited by the range of techniques available and how each has a very distinct character that requires a different approach. The sensory journey that it involves brings such satisfaction to me; an outpouring of the need to create is fulfilled by these processes.  The essence of this is what I desire to be evident in my work.

I use top quality clay, stains and materials that I source primarily from scarva.com



I have explored the concept of Wabi Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic which centres on enjoying natural simplicity over, manufactured, contrived perfection.


Giving in to the natural innate qualities of clay I am echoing the essence of objects and textures, some that happen by chance, without a constant need to pursue perfection and status.


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Ceramic Workshops for Schools and Therapy

I am able to provide a wide range of ceramics classes, workshops and events.

Immerse yourself and a group of friends or your students in a creative ceramics class held at your school or club.

I warmly welcome everyone to have a go, students will progress their untapped pottery skills and have lots of fun too.

I am based in Swindon, but I am happy to travel to most places within the UK.


£30 Per Hour, Minimum 2 Hours, plus travel expenses (£1 per mile) if outside 15 miles radius of Swindon town center.

Feel free to contact me for further information and let me know if you have any ideas or requirements.